Your dining room is the heart of your home because that is where the entire family gathers to enjoy a delicious meal while they share the happenings of their day and the dreams of their future with each other.

It is also the place where your friends gather on the weekend and special occasions and light up your home with their cheer. Your dining room can also serve as a library, or a place where the children do their homework and assignments.

Being such an important area of your house, it deserves to be equipped with comfortable yet trendy furniture. If you really observe and explore your dining room, you will find that there is much more space in it than meets the eye.

Payday seeks to give your dining room sets and single pieces that are best suited for your space and
taste. We want your dining room to be as functional as possible.

Payday Deals

Payday Deals is an industry leader at surprisingly low prices, considering the astonishing quality of its

Shopping online is not quite as easy as it seems. There are a ton of fraudulent businesses that seek to get away with disappointed customers. With Payday, you can rest assured that your satisfaction matters to us which is why we try our utmost to provide you with the best products possible.

We offer a unique feature: afterpay. With this amazing feature, we allow you to get your desired products without paying anything on spot. We understand that everyone has budgeting issues, and sometimes it feels like payday is never going to come. So, get your products, and pay for them at a later date, without any interest. How amazing is that?

Dining Room Chairs

Getting just a dining room set is a thing of the past. With so much progress in the interior decoration industry and overall improvement in the sense of space utilization, you can now buy just the pieces of furniture that are best suited for your space.

At Payday, you can choose from over a hundred options of dining chairs. We can guarantee that we
have something for everyone.

We offer fabric (with or without arm-rests), retro, rubberwood, solid oak, timber wood, PU leather, wicker, metal, rattan, Bulloch, Eames, nerd, and parsons chair and dining benches in different colours and styles. We have traditional and contemporary styles both, so whichever theme you choose for your dining room, we have got
you covered.

Our prices range from 82 dollars to 469 dollars. Chairs are priced mostly as a pair or as two pairs, and some are even available as single pieces. During sales, you can benefit even more from our incomparable prices.

You can have armrest chairs for the heads of the tables, and regular chairs for the sides. You can also have armrest fabric chairs in a nook of your dining room to serve as a reader’s comfort zone, or as a private spot for a heart to heart. There are tons of variations that you can opt for in your dining room, and we are at your side in each.

Dining Room Tables

We offer rectangular and round dining tables in a variety of materials, including oak, aluminium, natural wood, rubberwood, hardwood, and tempered glass. They are available in different styles to suit your needs and taste.

Their prices range from 179 dollars to 1060 dollars. In this price range, we fulfil the demands of different kinds of budgets. So you do not have to worry about the money.

And even if you like something that is a little over your budget, you can easily benefit from our unique Afterpay feature. We do not want to see you sad and without the furniture of your choice.

Dining Room Sets

We have a number of dining room sets available on our online shop if you need a quick and easy fix. There are about 95 options to choose from.

The prices of our dining room sets range from 149 dollars to 1360 dollars. Normally when you hear the word dining room set, all that comes to mind is a set of chairs combined with a dining table. But, there is so much more.

You can get a set of nesting tables to use when you have more things in need of a table or a set of colourful and chic chairs to brighten up your dining room.

Browse through the vast variety of products on Payday, and you will be amazed to find plenty of things to your liking. Happy shopping for your chic dining room!