Congratulations on your first anniversary! We understand it must be hard to decide what to give to your husband on this special occasion. Well, you don’t need to worry about that because we will help you decide what present your man would like from you. Trust us, the world is full of surprises and presents for your better-half, so you won’t end up attending the anniversary dinner without finding amazing things for him. Let’s see what all you can get to multiply your husband’s love for you.

Leather Bag

Guys who take their work and office seriously also take their bags seriously. For your husband, invest in a high-quality leather bag for office/laptop. Leather bags have an aura of their own and have all the ability to make your day. They are very common these days, so you can find one online as well. However, remember that pure leather products are on the expensive side so make up your mind accordingly.


You can never go wrong with gifting a watch to your significant other. It is by far one of the safest and thoughtful gifts you can give to anyone. We suggest you go for a smartwatch because after all, the new age is all about technology and bringing innovation. It might be a little expensive, but it is certainly worth it so think about it at least once.


Men’s fashion has evolved by a great deal. Right now, it is not confined to clothes and shoes only, but now more and more men are into accessories as well. Is your husband one of those men? Surprise him by giving him the world’s best necklace. If you cannot walk to the market, you can order online. Bevilles men’s necklace can be a perfect choice. Choose the design which goes well with your man’s personality and doubles his happiness.


Maybe his favourite cologne is nearing its end? Secretly buy the same cologne and replace it with the previous one. Later, all you need to do is notice the happiness oozing out from his soul. You don’t even need to go to the mall to buy this because you already know the name and specs, therefore, simply order it without leaving your couch.


Men love sleek cufflinks and this not even debatable. You don’t necessarily have to get very fancy ones because cufflinks are very common. You can find it at any brand store, but since it is going to be a gift and a kind gesture, we recommend you to not compromise on the quality. You are supposed to expand your love and not affect your image.

Personalized Notebook

We don’t know if your husband is into writing or not, but if he is, then you can get a personalized notebook or a journal for him. Make his writing experiences worth every while with this gesture and he is going to love you forever.

Happy shopping and happy anniversary!