1. The Avenue des Champs-Élysées:

A number of fashion brands have opened flagship stores on this Parisian street. These stores promise unique customer shopping experiences, that include free personalized shopping at Banana republic and cutting-edge art installation offered at Levi’s.

The stores offer high-end products to their consumers. The stores on this Parisian street include: Abercrombie & Fitch, if you are looking to make a high-end purchase for your male partner this is where you go, the Banana Republic, this store has a number of mini-boutique in the shop they include Weekend section, the heritage collection and reserve in advance that is headed by Magali or Lee, Mark & Spencer, the store offers the French market fabric, cuts, and colouring that they would not usually find in France, Hugo Boss, the store offers the brand’s designer clothes that go above and beyond the sales assistants’ signature suits, Levi’s, the store is using very interesting marketing strategies to lure customers inside. They are using music by the French and American artist to attract customers to the store this make the shopping experience in this store a very entertaining shopping experience.

2. Carnaby Street:

Walk into the Carnaby street for an iconic fashion and lifestyle experience. Down this street, you will see concept stores to the world’s first stores. Next, to Carnaby Street, you will find the Newburgh Quarter where you can find restaurants, boutiques and established brands such as Red Wing Shoes, Levi’s Vintage Clothing, and Oi Polloi. Carnaby has some the most known British brands: Paul Smith Soho, Pretty Green. It also has some concept stores that include: Adidas Originals, We Built This City, Finlay & Co, The Cords & Co. Some of the flagship stores include MAC, Too Faced, Sweaty Betty. The street is known to hold some of the most amazing shopping events that include live music performances and pop up shops that make the street the ultimate shopping destination. if you are looking for a secret shopping hideaway then you have found it.

3. La Brea Avenue:

The recent development of the La Brea Avenue has brought on a mix of stores that is eclectic to the area. When you walk down the street, you will find the latest clothes from designer brand, unique classic items and pretty much anything that you would be looking to buy. The street also offers interior design pieces that would get you that one item in your home that has everyone talking. The stores on this street have a wide price range, they cater for everybody even those shopping on a budget. The stores offer everything that you need to complete your outfit. they sell, hats, sunglasses, shoes, dresses and even apparel for men. Some of the stores on this street include Bonobos
Guideshop, they sell anything men wear from pants, shirts, tops and all other items your man could be looking for, this stores let you enjoy a hands free shopping experience you walk out of this store without any bags and continue
shopping in the other stores. they will ship your purchase to your office or home, Jet Rag, this shop is best suited for those looking for a bargain. They have a wide selection of items that all go for less than thirty dollars.