Strength exercises can prove to be an excellent source of energy and warm-up for runners. It can help them gain the muscle they need to endure the running and can help their speed and agility. Not just this, but it also has medical benefits. With stronger leg muscles, you are less likely to get an injury as your connective tissues are strengthened.

Not only will these strength exercises help with the muscles on your limbs, they will also have a great impact on your upper body strength. By improving your upper body strength, you will be increasing your efficiency in running. It will also help you hold better form at the end of the race when you begin to feel tired. Also, developing muscles in your arms, helps give more power to your stride, which can be very helpful to runners.

As these exercises are so beneficial for runners, we have compiled a list of the best ones you can do to develop your strength and run more efficiently and faster. Not only do these exercises benefit those who run, but it can be an excellent way to relax without feeling tired as well can act as a natural sleep remedy for anxiety as it is a way of catharsis. An added tip would be to buy the right workout clothes when it comes to exercising. You can get compression tights at Onsport

1.    Press-ups

Press-ups are when you face downwards and tuck under while your hand will be on the floor on the side of your chest. With the help of your hands, raise your body upwards. Keep it straight for a few seconds.  We suggest you do ten reps of this for a good core muscle work out. Some of the benefits of press-ups are it strengthens your chest, shoulders, and arms. It’s important for runners as it strengthens their stride.

2.    Triceps dips

Triceps trips are done by sitting on your heels while your fingers grab the edge of the bench. Then you take the weight off of your body and after bending your elbows, you lower down. Then push yourself back up. We suggest doing 12 reps with 2 sets. This will help a lot in training for running as it strengthens your arms and shoulders, helping you maintain form and posture.

3.    Step-ups

Step-ups are performed in a way that you take a box – just make sure it can handle your weight. Then put one leg onto the bench and push your other leg to stand up. Do this by keeping your body straight and use to your hips to come forward rather than your knees.  This exercise helps all your muscles and is excellent for the leg muscles in increasing agility.

4.    Leg raises

When performing leg raises, what you need to do is that you lay on your back and keep your arms on the side. Then bring both your feet together and lift them up to a vertical position as much as you feel comfortable with. Then lower them back down an inch before touching the ground and then repeat. We suggest you do 10 reps in 2 sets. This is excellent for your lower abdominal muscles and hips muscles as this gives you a stable torso.