Japanese trucks are one of the most trending things around the globe. It is because of their robust structure. However, finding their spare parts is not an easy task. Older vehicles still remain at the top position when you talk about obtaining genuine spare parts for trucks. Although it is a popular way of finding spare parts, it’s risky too. This is so because there is no guarantee that the truck had its original part while it became useless. Or the owner has not sold the original parts already to make money out of the abandoned truck. All this made us curious to gain insight into the commonly requested spare parts for Japanese trucks. And if you are curious too, then look at the list presented in this article.

Clutch Spares

Clutches are the soul of trucks that makes heavy loading possible. The drivers use a clutch and accelerator to balance the heavy load on their vehicle. Although they are high in demand because they need replacing every now and then, there is no scarcity of this component.

Spark Plugs

Everyone knows about the Spark plugs, even if they are not truck drivers. It is the most common gadget used in trucks that helps your truck move. In simple words, it ignites the fuel in the truck to let the truck move. This means if there is any glitch in this part, then your truck can stop moving entirely.


Do we really need to explain the importance of this one? Anybody would know its significance as soon as they hear about this part. Besides, brakes are even more crucial for giant trucks. It is also advisable to keep spare brake pads so that you can use them in times of need. However, do not worry, as they are quite durable, and you might not even need to replace them before their life expectancy, which is about 80,000 km.

Axle Valves

Driving a giant Japanese truck can give you the feeling as if you are driving multiple trucks with the help of one steering wheel. Seriously, the pressure of driving a truck like this is overwhelming. Another scary fact is that every trailer consists of tyres and axles. And as the truck is giant, there is a high probability that their speed is not synced.

However, drivers can manage their speed with the help of electronic sensors that monitor speed. So, because these components do all the rough work, they constantly need repairing or replacement.  Also, as these parts face the obstacles and shocks directly, they wear out quickly. Do not get worried if you need to replace them quite often.

Therefore, whenever you go on a hunt for spar parts next time, make sure to purchase them from a trusted entity. You can also buy Japanese truck parts by Maxiparts. They are emerging as a trustworthy company that focuses more on the safety of its consumers.