Human eyes are sensitive, and prolonged exposure to sun can lead to any ocular disease, but remembering to wear a pair of shades can keep you safe from the sun’s damaging rays. Presently, sunglasses have multiple purposes other than being subtle or boring, sunglasses are setting a trend, and our nation is one of the quickest to adopt the latest sunglasses trends 2020.

Nothing flaunts a greater power on your outfit than a classic pair of shades, settling on a perfect pair of trending shades that fits with your every outfit can make you looks superior in an instant.


From the classic cat eyes to the over-sized club master glasses, we’re breaking down the coolest shades that are in trending recently.

  • Wayfarer Shades are back in the race: 

Regardless of time, wayfarer’s popularity has fluctuated but from the recent runway shows, it seems the style is coming back with retribution; the vintage look is usually accompanied with a vaguely colored rim or lens, and perfectly suits a leisure getup.  Wayfarer is highly considerable as it roughly sits high on a person’s face.

  • Classic Aviators can never go wrong

In 2020, the summer runways were flooded with the classic sunglasses and it seems like these classic aviators are timeless, fashion conscious people have not given up on these shades but they have made reconciliations to it.

  • Ever-green Cat eye shades: 

With an extensive range of sizes, shapes, and colors available, cat-eye shades are a spacious trend in eyewear recently, it is an effortless style for almost everyone to get. The cornerstone is to choose the perfect cay-eye glasses according to your face-cut.

  • Club-master Shades with a dramatic turn:

With a nostalgic and vintage fashion eyewear designs trending all over again, Club master remains one of Ray-Ban’s most classy styles to this day, and has been emulated by many other brands in the market.  The shades are super productive, and can easily accentuate the look of any face-cut.

  • Sports Eyewear is essential:  

In every season, whether you’re a biker or a motor-cyclist, sports eye wear is mandatory to prevent the damage of sunrays. Fortunately we have a lot of types of sports eye wear that shows off a productive use. If you’re unsure from where to get reliable and long-lasting shades, you can connect with Oakley – Jawbreaker Prescription Readyand get yourselfone.

  • Over-sized Glasses utter zero hassle:

This year, the hype around wearing over-sized glasses that covers most of your face comes to an as they came into trending again.  The upgrade of glasses is a bit different than what we encountered in the past. However, the over-sized frames don’t suit everyone because if they are significantly wider than your face, your head will appear smaller.

  • Rimless shades are trendy:

 No outfit looks complete without a pair of trendy shades, whether you want to stave off the summer’s heat or just putting them up for styling, the rimless eyewear shows up every season to catch the attention of fashionistas.

  • Skinny shades are everywhere:

 The skinny sunglasses have been the limelight of the spring season, 2020. And when it comes to celebrity shades trend of the season we found that skinny shades are still in, the shapes are more sharp and angular with broader frames enriched with animal prints and patterns.