Gone are the days when women had limited choices of wearing heels or boots to work. Today, we are in a gender fluid and more enlightened era where you don’t have to be confined to choices. So, whether you want to stride like a leader, or walk like you know it all, you need to have perfect shoes for work. With that thought in mind, we are bringing you some of the best choices for women out there:

1. Loafers

Nothing works better for formals than loafers. The loafers have become a fashion trademark for formal wear, everywhere. If you love wearing pants or trousers, with a shirt, or a complete suit, loafers are a must-have for work. They also look good with just trousers of any kind with a top, including the bellbottoms.

2. Block Heels

If you want heels, but need to keep it comfortable, then block heels will work the best. They are slightly elevated and give you all the comfort you could expect from shoes in the workplace, without making it overbearing for your heels, toes, or any other part of the feet.

3. Pumps

Pumps are the classic workwear for any woman out there. They are still very much in style and work great with formal wear, or office wears. Pumps are not as comfortable, but certainly a ‘must-have’ work shoes for all the women out there.

4. Safety Shoe And Boots

It might come off as a surprise to find this one on the list. But the truth is, we are indeed in a gender-fluid era. So, it goes without saying that you will need safety shoes and boots that will not only look good but also prove to be versatile.

Imagine wearing boots or shoes to work with a sporty look. The thing is, they work, and they are comfortable, long-lasting, with apt cushioning and have all the right aspects. You can never go wrong with boots, and you should definitely consider them.

We also have to acknowledge that when it is about working, it isn’t just the corporate office, but the fieldwork, repairs, and many other areas where women are thriving. So, these are perfect if you’re from any of these areas.

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5. Trainers

Talking about boots and shoes, trainers are like the sneaker version, but more slick and stylish, perfect for the women out there, especially those in the field. Trainers look great, work with a casual and formal look, and you can use them anywhere. They are worth having.

6. Oxfords

Just like the loafers, Oxfords have become a power play and powerful addition to women’s shoes. They look great and work great for all the formals. You can never go wrong with them if it is the formals that you wear. They are brilliant and would put you on par with any other authority. For that confident stride, they are a must-have.