A walkie stacker is a tool that workers use to lift pallets to high areas. You can find different walkie stackers for various purposes. The application of a walkie stacker decides the kind of walkie stacker you should buy. So, if you want to know about their types and basic application, then you are at the right place. Scroll ahead to get insight into the types of walkie stackers in detail.

About Walkie Stacker

Basically, walkie stackers are the mini versions of forklifts. They are used in places or areas where you can’t use the forklifts. People with small storerooms or restricted warehouses use walkie stackers to lift the goods. Walkie stackers can either be automated or manual, and it totally depends on your choice of which one you want to use. These lifting tools are best for the indoor areas where you constantly need to carry goods from one place to another. They are also cost-effective as by using a walkie stacker, you can reduce the cost incurred for labour.

Types Of Walkie Stacker And Their Application

Walkie Reach Stacker

Walkie reach stackers are similar to walkie straddle stackers as they have straddle in them. However, they have a slightly different design as they have a pantographic scissor mast. They are used to move the mast away from the stacker. The applications where these walkie stackers are used include loading trailers, trucks or utility vehicles.

Walkie Straddle Stacker

Walkie straddle stackers are the most convenient ones as they make it easier to load the goods on them because of the straddle. They are useful for firms where time efficiency is required, as, with this tool, the workers can load and unload the walkie stacker quickly. These are commonly used for selective racking applications at the mid-level. 

Ride-On Walkie Stacker

The name of the ride-on walkie stacker is pretty much self-explanatory. These are similar to the standard stacker. However, they have a designated platform for the operator, also known as bob. In this area, the operator can stand and ride the walkie stacker. The downside of this walkie stacker is that the driver needs to get a forklift licence to operate it, which is not the case with other walkie stackers. Many management leaders use this walkie stacker in larger warehouses where constant organising of stocks is required. 

Counter Balance Walkie Stacker

Counter balance walkie stackers are ideal for warehouses or storage areas that have a narrow passageway. It is possible to use them in narrower areas because they do not have straddling legs. You can lift standard pallets with a counter-balance walkie stacker. However, you will need to contour balance wight while distributing the goods.

Standard Walkie Stacker

Standard walkie stackers have legs that are attached under the forks, which make it possible to carry two pallets at once. Therefore, they are used where both stacking and transportation of pallets are needed. However, you can only transport and stack bottomless pallets in it. 


Warehousing tools such as walkie stackers, forklifts and large lift trucks have really made it easy for the workers who used to carry the heavyweights. With the use of these tools, carrying the goods and transporting them has become more accessible. Besides, they save a lot of time too. If you are looking for walkie stackers, try out the walkie stacker at Triwest Forklifts.