Who knows when you girls will have time to party together and enjoy the freedom of singlehood life. So before your best friend exchanges, her vows plan a surprise hen’s party for her. Gather all your friends who are willing to party and spend some quality time with the bride-to-be.

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To help you sort out the planning here are some ideas for the hen’s party for your bride-to-be.

1.   Party at the beach

If the bride is all about the beach and the wedding is in summers then the beach is the best place to have hen’s party. Soak the sun and enjoy the crashing waves or learn to surf with your friends in Melbourne. Plan a bonfire at the beach to sing along while roasting a marshmallow and making memories.

2.   A pampering day at the spa

A wedding can be a really busy affair, selecting gowns, looking out for floral vendors, venues and caters. Among such a hustle the bride-to-be will be pleased if she gets a chance to unwind at a spa. So book a spa for the day.

3.   Cursing on the boat

Partying at the boat in swimsuits and diving in the ocean is one of the adventurous parts of the hen’s party. Plan an entire trip from one coast to another, where you girls can dance and party at the private boat and enjoy a barbecue at the nearby island.

4.   A sophisticated hi-tea

If your girls are all about glam and fashion, then dress up and enjoy a pleasant and sophisticated hi-tea in a garden.

5.   Going for a pole dance class

Enjoy the freedom and make most of it. Make your dream of being a pole dancer by treating yourself like a star and enjoy dancing with the bride on the pole.

6.   Floral Fiesta

Flowers, flowers and flowers! It’s one of the weakness of every girl. Make flowers the main ingredient of the party and flash the bride-to-be in them. Make beautiful crowns out of fresh flowers and stay fresh.

7.   Luxury rides

Partying in the limousine! Rent a limousine to drive around the city. Dress glamorous and hit the lavish bar in town with the bride-to-be.

8.   Cocktail party

Cocktail parties are first love. I must say that your hen’s party will be a hit if you have a cocktail bar open for the house.

9.   Weekend getaway

If in need of peace then a weekend getaway is the only solution. Travel to another own such as Yarra Valley, Daylesford or Mornington Peninsula. Enjoy the natural landscape and rejuvenate in the fresh air.

10. Go for camping

Go camping in the mountains. Enjoy the wide open sky full of stars and dance around the bonfire celebrating the moments together.

You girls must already know what the bride-t-be wants or fantasies about, take inspirations from what she likes and plan out a beautiful day. There are plenty of amazing ideas for the hen’s party, you can make it a themed one or make it a natural even. One thing all girls should remember no matter what theme is justconfident in what you wear. If you girls are planning to go for a trip in valleys or going for track make sure you pack well for the trip.