Today, smartphone cameras are more advanced than they were some years ago. And because the apps people use to capture, edit and to share the photos they capture are now more intuitive, they are uploading billions of photos on the social media platforms each hour. Photography has been an important part of the social media and the smartphone is the main tool. To make better use of advanced smartphone technology, you will need several tips and tricks. You can capture great photos of your family gatherings and create an Instagram account with many followers. Here are the tips to use if you need beautiful photos.

Keep the lens of your phone clean

This is the most obvious step you can take if you need to capture stunningly beautiful photos with your smartphone camera. The smartphone remains in the pocket and will encounter your hands from time to time. As a result, it gathers fingerprints and dust that will cover the lens. To clean the lens, you just need a microfiber cloth. You can also use the dirt-free areas of your shirt to clean the lens. Remember that your clothing might scratch the camera lens.

Use the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds has remained a blueprint in photography and painting work. The rule helps photographers come up with decent compositions irrespective of the subject matter. The key idea behind this rule is that a photo is interesting when its subject aligns with the imaginary lines, which divide a photograph or paintwork into thirds, both vertically and horizontally.

Photographing a subject slightly from the centre, you will come up with a balanced image and proved a sense of motion and space. That is unlikely to happen with a photograph that places its subject dead centre. The result is a photo that looks artificial. To benefit from the rule of thirds, divide each photo into nine different parts. Most cameras have the option of showing the three-by-three grid. That is all you need.

Pay closer attention to the lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of photography. The colour, direction and the harshness of the light source will affect your photos. That is the key reason why the professional photographers use reflectors, strobes, glamour mirror with lights and some other devices that manipulate lighting. When using a smartphone to capture images, the light source will be out of your control. Therefore, you will have to use the available light source in a better way. Ensure that the light source is behind you. Try to view your subject from various angles to know what will work best.

Do not use the flash

A flash is a good option when taking photos in poorly lit environments. However, when it comes to smartphones, the flash will ruin your photos. It produces undesirable features like overly-lit skin and glowing eyes – including when using top-notch smartphones. If an artificial light source is important, go for the LED lamp accessories available in the market.