When it comes to underwear, there are so many options and picking the best one for you can often be challenging. Your choice will be made based on many different considerations, including your body type, your level of comfort, the clothing you plan to wear on top of it, the occasion, and much more. Here are a few underwear designs that can liven up your lingerie collection while helping you discover your ideal look.

High Waist Briefs

Since they have a high waistband, briefs also offer coverage on the front and back, in addition to their well-known full hip coverage. They are incredibly comfortable and enhance your figure. For those with a curvy or hourglass figure, they are the best option. 

Boy Shorts

After high-waisted briefs, these underwear are regarded as the most comfortable, especially for those with a curvier backside or a pear-shaped body. While they don’t provide as much coverage on the front and back, they are comfortable to wear under dresses, skirts, playsuits, and other clothing because they don’t show panty lines and help to shape your body beautifully thanks to their full side hip coverage.

Classic Bikini

For those who want both comfort and style in a piece of underwear, bikini underpants are the most popular option. Despite having thinner sides from a higher leg opening, this type of underwear provides adequate coverage. The biggest benefit of wearing the bikini style is that, with the exception of body-hugging outfits, it can be worn underneath almost any type of clothing. However, they are regarded as being less concealing and more revealing when compared to boy shorts or briefs.


Due to their fashionable look and high level of comfort, hipsters have become very popular. They combine the two types of undergarment styles – boyshorts and bikinis. As a result, they offer less coverage than boy shorts and more coverage than a bikini. Although they sit slightly below the navel, they offer the best front and back coverage. Hipsters blend in perfectly under your clothing, which is one of their main benefits. When a bikini seems too daring, hipsters are a great option, especially if you want to wear them every day.


There’s a reason why this underwear has been fashionable for so long. Only those who wear thongs are aware of how stylish and comfortable they are, contrary to popular belief. You can wear them underneath almost any outfit, allowing you to keep up with the latest fashion trends. They work best when worn beneath figure-hugging clothing. 

French Cut

The term “high-cut underpants” is also used to describe this underwear. Along with looking amazing, they offer fantastic coverage, support, and comfort. They sit at the natural waistline, are cut high on the leg, and have a high waistband that separates the thigh from the hip. They are regarded as being most appropriate to be worn underneath high-waisted pants because of this style. 

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, picking the best underwear for you can be challenging given the variety of options available, but if you know what feels comfortable to you, you can easily find your style. These are a few options that are both fashionable and comfortable. With these points in mind and shopping best women’s underwear in Australia, you’ll be able to find the perfect undergarments for every occasion.