When it comes to health, it’s essential to take good care of the food items you eat. People who are overweight lose weight by replacing their full meals with shakes. Even some people who are on a liquid diet because of their health condition also prefer drinking meal replacement shakes.

So, how can you choose a meal replacement shake that provides you with enough energy throughout the day as a whole meal does? Well, if you are searching for this answer, then do not look anywhere else, as below is a guide for beginners in respect of selecting the ideal meal replacement shakes.

Types Of Shakes

Apparently, to select the best kind of shake, you need to understand the purpose they are serving. So, we will talk about the three most commonly known meal replacement shakes that are widely consumed by the masses.

1. Pre-Workout

The name of a pre-workout shake is pretty much self-explanatory. People drink these shakes before a workout so that they work positively towards burning the fat. Make sure to pick a shake that’s not highly rich in protein with low carbs.

However, to reap the full rewards of these shakes, it’s important that your drinking of the shake is followed by an extensive workout session. Exercising extensively will drastically change your physique and help you lose a significant amount of weight.

2. Post-Workout

Once you have exercised extensively, your body will need some extra energy to go through the day. So, to not feel dull, it’s important to drink a post-workout shake. Select the post-workout shake that is rich in carbs.

It will keep you energised throughout the day. It is known that for every one kg of weight, you should have at least two grams of protein. So, choose your post-workout complete meal replacement shakes accordingly.

3. Before Bed

Before going to sleep, your body requires a complete meal which you can only get from solid forms of food items. Shakes just can’t cut it. However, there are still some shakes that can slightly cover them. Also, taking shakes rich in protein would be beneficial before going to sleep. Also, if all the shake diet with pre-workout and post-workout shakes is proving to be expensive, then you can cut some slacks by going for a homemade one. You can drink a banana shake before going to bed. Bananas are rich in carbs, and milk gives you the needed protein.


Choosing the shakes that go well with your diet plan and workout is crucial if you want to witness any sort of the physical and visible change in your body. However, know that these kinds of liquid diets are effective only for overweight people. The key to choosing your ideal shake is to know the amount of protein intake you should take throughout the day and divide it in an organised manner.