Eye makeup is a tricky thing, one wrong move and you can be left with a look as if someone has punched you on the face. Therefore, doing it in merely five minutes is even more difficult. However, if you know just the right things that are needed to look for, you can end up looking like a diva.

If you don’t get any time for makeup but have the pressure of looking presentable all the time, you are in luck today. Here is a guide to a five-minute eye makeup tutorial that you can do anywhere if you have all the right things.

Things That You Are Going To Need For A Five Minute Eye Makeup Tutorial

If you aim for full-fledged eye makeup, you should have a concealer and a setting powder for the base. You will also need eye shadows of your colour choice along with eyeliner and mascara. For a more intense look, make sure to have kohl and a highlighter as well. You can skip the last two items if you are aiming for a simple look.

Set The Base

For a smooth eyeshadow application, you need to set the base properly. This step starts after you have washed and moisturized your skin properly. Also, apply the eye cream, which is water-based.

Now that the skincare part is out of the way start by gently applying and dabbing the concealer on your eyelids. Even it out with a concealer. Set it with a loose powder once the concealer sits perfectly on your eyelid. Setting your eye base with a powder is especially recommended for those who have oily skin.

Apply Eyeshadow

The safe colours for a quick eyeshadow application are shades of brown. Brown colour pretty much blends well with any type of outfit. Also, keep in mind to use lighter shades in the inner corners and as you come towards the outer corner, use darker shades. You can also stick a cello tape in the outer corner. Keep in mind to stick it by following your natural line.

Start applying the lighter shade in the inner corner and then swiftly move to the outer corner. Use a lighter shade for the middle of your eyelid and blend it by taking it towards the outer corner. For the outer corner, use the dark shade and take it to the edge of your eyelid.

Eyeliner For Beginners

If you are a beginner, then do not remove the cello tape from the edges of your eyelid. Apply the eyeliner by following the line of the cello tape. Complete the process by applying it in the inner corner and in the middle area.

Finish The Look With a Touch Of Kohl And Mascara

Apply a single coating of mascara. If you want more volume on your lashes, then apply one more coat after the first coat is dried. You can add a dash of kohl for a more intense look. To make your eye more attractive and if you have got a few more minutes, then apply a highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes. You can also apply a highlighter just below your eyebrows to give a lifted look to your eyes.

Do not forget to wear sunglasses if you are stepping out in the sun. The heat from the sun can melt your eyeshadow. Sunglasses can act as a protective layer for it. 


Ensure that you have quality eye products before applying them directly to your skin. You can also buy eye makeup products online in Australia if you are looking for the best quality. Keep in mind that you can use minimal eyeshadow if you are in a hurry. You can also skip applying Kohl, as it is just an extra step for those who like it.