Good appearance is essential in today’s life, as it can help boost your confidence which has a fairly good effect on your workplace and people around you, especially if you have an acting career. Having a good dental structure and healthy gums is one of the key factors to having good-looking facial features.

When it comes to correcting or enhancing dental health and beauty, gum lifts and using veneers are one of the best options to proceed with. Not the same procedure will bring out the best in 2 different people, so it’s necessary to evaluate the conditions to see which procedure will suit you the best.

What Is Gum Lifts?

Gum lifts are done to reshape the gum line to the required shape; it is a gummy smile treatment. This procedure is conducted by a dental specialist. Excessive gum tissue is removed so that the proper length of teeth is visible, and in case of gum recession where the gum line is exposing too much of teeth, the gum tissue is restored. It’s not a necessary procedure to be done until your doctor recommends it for your oral health. This process helps improve the look of teeth, smiles and gums.

Effective Treatment Options for Gummy Smile

Benefits Of Gum Lifts

Gives You A Symmetrical Smile

The procedure helps you attain a perfect gum line in both cases where you have a gummy smile or if you have a receding gum line.

Helps Prevent Gum Disease

There are places in your mouth where cleaning is impossible with a toothbrush or floss. Having more than the required gums increase the area for bacteria to hide, resulting in gum disease. Gum contouring helps prevent gum disease by maintaining a healthy and good-looking gum line.

Quick And Easy Procedure

Semi-surgical procedures require a long time for recovery, but with laser technology, recovery is made quickly. Your gums may remain swollen for a day, but you can eat and drink within a day of the procedure, and complete recovery can be seen within a week. If you have pain, the doctor can give you sedation to numb the pain, known as anaesthesia.

When Is The Gum Lift Procedure Done?

A gum lift procedure is recommended by doctors when gums have either receded too much, or they are covering too much of teeth. When the root canal is exposed due to receding gums can lead to oral infection and teeth loss. Gum grafts are used to restore the healthy gum line and proper coverage of teeth. Besides this, a gum lift procedure also serves the purpose of cosmetic enhancement since receding gums can give someone an older appearance.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are custom-made shells made out of porcelain and resin composite. They attach to your teeth permanently to fix any cosmetic imperfection your teeth may have. Veneers are one of the most common cosmetic procedures for dental cosmetics. It can help cover any cracks, stains, chipped teeth, etc.

Benefits Of Using Veneers

Used To Cover Up Teeth Discolouration, Crack And Chips

If you have any dental imperfection, it may be visible when you laugh, smile or talk. Veneers help fix issues like those. If your tooth is fragile, your doctor may recommend you have a dental crowning to restore the strength and appearance of the teeth.

They Come With A Natural Look

Since every set of veneers is custom-made for every individual, the porcelain set looks and feels natural, and no one can tell the difference unless you tell them otherwise.

It Can Prevent Tooth Discolouration

Since veneers act as the outer shell of your teeth, they can help preserve your original teeth. Proper oral hygiene and a good choice of food can increase the life of veneers by up to 10 years.

Low Maintenance

Since veneers are stain-resistant, keeping them clean is not difficult. Long-term care, like brushing twice a day with scheduled dental checkups, will help you maintain it, letting you have that beautiful smile you always wished for.

When Is Veneer Procedure done?

Veneers are for people with teeth problems and not n gums. For people with discoloured, cracked, or crooked teeth, veneer helps fix the situation to the best of your ability. It can also strengthen the teeth which have gone weaker due to decay.

Which Dental Procedure Is Best For You


Dental veneers are used in the following scenarios:

  • It is useful in canal treatment or discoloured teethes. In the case of root canal treatment, which leaves the root canal exposed or a thin layer of enamel or discolouration of teeth due to drugs. Excessive fluoride deposition to the presence of large resin fillings. Veneers can help you deal with all these citations.
  • If someone has worn-out teeth or fragile teethes, veneers can help get the strength back along with the proper look of their teeth.
  • People who have cracked or completely broken teethes.
  • It can also help people who need to fill the gap between teethes.

Gum Lifts

You may be the prime candidate for gum lifts if you have the following conditions or need some things in a particular way.

  • If you have excessive gum tissue making, your teeth look smaller than usual. Excessive gum tissue also increases the chance of gum disease since toothbrushes and floss cannot reach every place, making it an excellent hiding area.
  • If you are suffering from receding gums, receding gums can give you an older look.
  • While having a dental crown to strengthen the tooth, sometimes gum over row on that particular area, making you a fair candidate to process with gum lift to even the uneven gum line.


Certain situations and conditions must be evaluated before you proceed with the dental procedure. Each dental procedure has its own role in helping you give the best possible treatment. A smile has a lot of effects on the people around you and yourself, so taking care of such things in today’s world is just as important. A smile is not only pleasing to look at, but it also resonates with a beautiful energy all around you.