Operating an electric pallet truck is not easy; one must undergo proper training for it. It is because these vehicles are complex and are used to maneuver heavy loads. One single moment of carelessness can put a person’s safety at risk. This is the reason why you can only hire specific qualified drivers for this job.

The trained pallet truck drivers know all the ins and outs of the vehicle and ride it according to the safety guidelines. If you use pallet trucks or planning to use them on your premises, then ahead is an ultimate guide on improving safety with electric pallet trucks.

Training & Licence

To operate a pallet truck, the driver needs to obtain a licence and to do so; they need to undergo a particular training period. For an order-picking forklift or pallet truck, an individual has to complete at least one day of training to obtain an LO licence. To operate forklifts that carry loads, an individual has to undergo three days of training to get an LF licence. The organisation should be registered and authorised to provide the licence. 

Your Driver Should Know Important Things About The Machine

If you have hired a pallet truck driver, then it’s given that they know all the little details about the truck. However, you can ask a few questions about the same driver while hiring them just to be sure. Knowing little details about the vehicle one drive can always play in favour of unexpected situations.

Be Careful With The Elevated Height

Elevated height can disbalance the truck. Thus, make sure to only elevate the pallet to the height which is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, keeping it low is advisable for safety.

Label The Area With A Warning Where Pallet Trucks Are Used

It’s obvious that there would be a particular area where the lifting and moving of the loads are done. So, for the workers’ safety, make sure to put the board signs that warn the workers that the premises they are about to enter involve the operation of heavy machines like pallet trucks.

The Workplace Should Be Uncluttered

The place should be well organised and uncluttered if you want to avoid accidents. Anything unexpected in the way can cause accidents.

There Should Be Strict Guidelines For Saftey For The Workers

Put some strict safety guidelines in place for the workers to follow. For instance, direct them to always wear safety gear in areas where pallet trucks are operated.

Do Not Climb Or Use The Lift To Carry Passengers

There are different types of safety guidelines when it comes to pallet trucks. Using the pallet truck as a lift or carrying passengers is strictly against its safety guideline as it is highly unsafe.

Do Not Overload The Truck

It goes without saying that loading the truck more than its capacity can dismantle it, which can be a threat to the workers working around it. Thus, always check for the capacity of the forklift or pallet truck before loading it with goods. Also, make sure to examine the vehicle thoroughly before using it.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some safety guidelines and tips you should keep in mind while operating a pallet truck. Now you can have many flexible and adjustable electric pallet trucks in Melbourne. There are advanced features in these vehicles that are good for safety.