Choosing a hairdressing school can be more difficult than choosing a regular school, considering the fact that there aren’t enough schools that offer this course. So, here is a list that can guide you to find the perfect hairdressing school for you.

Decide the Course You Want to Take

There are many schools that offer beauty courses but often, the course of Cosmetology is the one that is offered most commonly. If you wish to learn about other things along with hairdressing and get the complete knowledge about beauty treatments, you should choose Cosmetology. However, if you are particularly interested in just learning about hairdressing, you should look for schools which offer that specific course. This might limit your options but you will save time by learning what actually interests you.


When you have limited options, you need to look for hairdressing schools that are either exactly what you need or nearly so. This especially matters when it comes to the location of your school. If you wish to stay at home or near your home, then you should look for the school closest to your location but if you are looking for an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and explore, you can choose any of the other locations as you see fit.

You can start by looking up something like, the best hairdressing school in Melbourne. Just make sure that the school you choose is situated in a good area and that you will not have trouble living there.


Before finalising the school where you wish to pursue your hairdressing dream, you must make sure that the school checks all the boxes. One of the ways to find out about this is by looking up the reviews for the college you are thinking about finalising. It is better if you check the reviews of all schools on your list.

Confirm the Subjects Being Taught in Your Choice of School

Another thing you should do when shortlisting the schools where you can apply is confirm whether the hairdressing course that you wish to pursue has all the subjects that are important for you to become a great hairdresser. A course is made up of necessary subjects which lay down your foundation and subjects that provide extra knowledge which is important to keep the foundation strong.

These subjects take you into the detail of things, so they should not be ignored. If the schools you have shortlisted don’t have these subjects, you should look for other schools that do.

Check If Your School Has the Required License

The last and the most important thing you need to do in order to select the hairdressing school where you should apply is check whether it has the license to teach such a course. You can verify that by for the dedicated hours for your course in the school brochure. Licensed schools mention the hours that are to be dedicated in order to complete the course and obtain a State recognised degree.


These are just a few things that can serve as a guide to you, so you can choose the hairdressing school that is right for you. It is a big step, so you should make sure not to take it hastily. Learn all you can about your options and then make an informed decision.