Boxing day sales is the name given to the day that comes after Christmas retailers have been looking for this day for a very long time since everyone wants to get a quick score at a low price. Looking for the best place to shop on a boxing day can be a little more hectic than expected due to all the rush and even more if it’s around any holiday.

Wanting to buy those new gloves for your son who got accepted into the school team or for your little girl who wants to make her way into the team but needs gear, you are in the right place to know where to buy this stuff. If you like travelling, here are some suggestions for you to learn from which place you can buy the best and at a minimal price

London, England

Some of the oldest and most famous stores are in the heart of England, London. Stores like Harrods in Knightsbridge have been there for more than a century and a half, and on oxford street, The Selfridges is considered to be the world’s best store. So if you are living in London it saves time and searching for it is the best opportunity you have to go grab the item you need.

Newcastle, England

Another city in England that has the best to offer, this city is ideal for shopping at any time of the year, let alone shopping on Boxing day. You can even bargain there. Newcastle is a place full-packed all around the year, which keeps it vibrant and lively at all times.

Due to a variety of customers from all around the world, this place keeps the best stuff for you to buy, so you don’t miss anything when you arrive there. The Gateshead Metrocentre is packed with shops, and you can always find what you need for yourself and for your partner.

Vienna, Austria

If you are looking for luxurious artwork and antiques, Vienna is the place to go to the capital of Austria. Around Boxing day, this place is filled with tourists who are attracted not only to stores but also to the Christmas market, which is a huge source of attention for the tourist.

Milan, Italy

Suppose you want to buy anything related to fashion, what better place than Milan? This is the place for people who are interested in Italian fashion, which is also the world-renowned fashion capital.

If you have always wanted to buy fashionable clothes and change your wardrobe to some elegant and classy, this is the right place since it has the best fashion sense, and you can have it at a low price on boxing day.


Each city in the world has something to offer which any rip-off can replace from another place. If you are looking for the most authentic and best item from its place of origin at low price boxing day sale, then you might just get lucky. Not only it educates you on the stuff you are purchasing, but you will also feel the difference in what it’s like to have the best from the amazing place.