Window shutters are very popular not only as a form of protection from outside elements but also as something to enhance the look of your home. They come in many varieties and choosing the ideal ones for your home can be difficult. So, here is a guide to some of the most popular window shutters among homeowners.

Types of Shutters

1.    Wood Shutters

Wood is material that was traditionally used to make shutters and is popular to this day. The appeal of wood shutters comes from their look, durability as well as affordability. The disadvantage of having wood shutters is that moisture will ruin them.

2.    Metal Shutters

These types of shutters are ideal to be installed at the exterior of your house. These are extremely durable and prevent unwanted outdoor elements from entering your house. However, they don’t look suitable as installations in a residential property because of their standard design, which is more suited to commercial spaces.

3.    PVC Shutters

PVC is the kind of material that lends rigidity as well as durability to the shutters. This makes them perfect for both indoor as well as outdoor installation. They also don’t get affected by moisture, so they are preferred for areas like bathrooms.

4.    Composite Wood Shutters

These are made of wood as well as PVC, with wood on the inside and PVC on the outside. They hold the best qualities of both materials. They look beautiful while being durable and moisture resistant.

Styles of Shutters

1.    Traditional Shutters

They are also known as the New England Shutters. These shutters are installed on the exterior of the house, so they enhance the look of your house from the outside. However, the disadvantage of these shutters is that they cannot be opened or closed and don’t provide any help with regulation of the temperature or lighting inside your home.

2.    Plantation Shutters

These are the most common types of shutters that people install in their homes. They are installed in the interior and are the perfect choice if you prefer to have full control over the amount of light you let into your house. You can close and open all of their slats or even open some while letting the rest remain closed. This kind of flexibility makes them popular among homeowners as it not only helps in controlling light but temperature in your home as well.

3.    Cafe Shutters

French cafes inspired these kinds of shutters. They feature angled slats and cover the bottom half of the window. This gives privacy to the homeowners while also allowing light to enter into the room from the top half.

4.    Louvered Shutters

These are the kind of shutters that are installed on the exterior of a house. They have horizontal angled slats which allow lights and air to filter through them but also stop the rain from coming into the house. Since they help in regulation of the amount of light entering into your home, they can also help with temperature regulation.

The only disadvantage with them is that they are hard to adjust due to being installed on the exterior of the house. You have to open the window everytime you wish to open or close them, which can be an inconvenience.


These were some of the types and styles of shutters available in the market. You can use this guide to help you decide which type of shutters will be right for your home. Here is one of the best places where you can buy PVC Shutters in Australia – Gold Coast Blinds & Shutters.