You can find any and every type of remote control car in the market if you look hard enough but for drift cars, you don’t need to look as carefully. There are numerous varieties of RC drift cars to choose from. However, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best, so here are a few things you should look for in order to determine that.

Brushless Motor

RC drift cars are supposed to drift without any hitches and for them to be able to pull off such maneuvers, it needs a powerful motor. Brushless motors provide more power and speed to the RC car but in drift cars, restraint is also necessary to achieve complete throttle control. So, the ideal motor for them is a sensored brushless motor which is a bit less powerful as it will provide more reliability.


The suspension needs to be stiff for a RC drift car. This will provide better control over its movements. With slick tires, the car can easily go out of control, so there needs to be a way to keep a check on the movements. That can be done when the suspension is stiff. It will not only smooth out the movements but also prevent them from getting out of control while drifting.

Slick Tires

Drifting requires complicated maneuvers that can be very hard to make if the tires are not slick. For a remote controlled car, even a little tread on the tires can provide more friction than needed. Friction is what can pose a problem during a drift as it does not let the car slide properly, so tires with deep treads are definitely not recommended. The slicker the tires, the better for sliding.


Lighter cars are quicker than heavier ones but the heavy cars respond better to controls, so you need to find a balance between the two when choosing a RC drift car. Usually, a heavier front end and lighter or standard rear end is what helps the car drift easily while keeping it from losing control

Ground Clearance

RC drift cars need to have a low ground clearance to prevent them from toppling over during the drift. If they don’t have a low ground clearance like a truck and they make any sharp turns, they will roll over. This can make a drift very difficult to pull off, so you need to look for drift cars with lowest ground clearance in order to succeed.


Battery Power

This is one thing that you must look for in every RC car but especially drift cars. If your RC drift cars run for more than half an hour per charge, it is a good investment. However, any lower than that is not preferable. Your drift car needs to have decent power, otherwise it can be a hassle to keep charging it. This will pose a difficulty in making your car drift as a weak battery also poses a problem of running out mid-drift.

The Bottom Line

These were the main things that you should look for when investing in a remote control drift car. You can find many places where you can buy good drift RC cars in Australia if you search.