Anyone owning more than one printer can end up having plenty of used cartridges. Every year, around more than 400 million ink and toner cartridges end up in landfills. Now recycling cartridges has become more essential than ever.

So, if you need to know how you can recycle printer cartridges, then stick to this guide till the end. It will provide you with useful solutions to deal with the pile of printer cartridges.

Find Recycling Locations In Your Area

The foremost thing you should do is know how to find the recycling location nearby. You can’t start the recycling process without knowing it. Do you do online research as there are numerous websites that share the data of the nearest recycling facility. Gather the needed information to send the used cartridges to that location and then send them for recycling.

Drop Them Off In An Office-supply Store

Some office-supply stores provide facilities to their customers to send their office suppliers for recycling. Not to mention they have plenty of them in the store too. So, contact your nearest office-supply store and ask them if they recycle the ink and tone cartridges or not.

Make Some Cash For Scool Or Non-profit Organisations

The best alternative is to contact recycling groups. If you run a non-profit organisation or own a school, then you can raise funds by recycling the printer cartridges. Various recycling groups work with many non-profit organisations, churches, and schools to recycle the items and help them raise funds through it. Search for it online or ask around to know how it works in your area. 

Refill And Reuse The Original Ink Cartridges More Than Once

If you have the original ink cartridges used only once, you can refill them instead of recycling them and buying a new one. All you need to do is purchase the correct refill kit. There are many tools in the kit. The main one is a syringe through which you will inject the ink into the cartridge. Or, if you have run out of cartridges and want a new one, then you can buy them from Toner City – Samsung Printer Cartridges. They also offer a 1-year warranty on their compatible range. 

Contact The Manufacturer To Know Their Recycling Program

Sometimes the manufacturer also has a sound recycling program and allows their users to send back the empty cartridges for recycling. Therefore, contact the manufacturer and ask about their recycling program.


So, these are some tips on how to recycle printer cartridges easily. You can ask about recycling at your nearest office-supply store or hardware store. They usually have contacts with manufacturers who recycle some items. Either they will take your used cartridges and send them or provide you with the contact details.

The best option is to contact the manufacturer of the cartridges you own and ask for their recycling program, as they know how to dispose of or recycle their manufactured item better than others.