Although pregnancy is a happy process, it brings a whole lot of stress and worry your way. And being pregnant during the current pandemic has taken every mom-to-be’s stress levels to a toxic point. Of course, the worrying and anxiety are all natural. There are so many questions that pop in a woman’s mind such as ‘how will I go to the hospital with so many active cases around’, ‘what if the baby or I catch the virus?’, and the list goes on.

You can very well handle the pregnancy stress that comes with COVID-19 fears. Luckily, you can try to manage your stress.

Here are some powerful tips you way.

  1. Guided Relaxation

All you need to do is download an app or just use a video-sharing platform. If you are not into these, then there are so many online classes offering guided relaxation to get through such tough times. You may also find a lot of content specifically designed to get rid of pregnancy blues.

Guided relaxation also comes with many medical benefits, so there is absolutely no harm.

  • Talk, Talk, and Talk!

Talking helps if you are talking to the right person. When you feel your stress is going out of hands, then feel free to turn to your social support system. This could be your spouse, family, or friends. Just let it all out without thinking that your fears are irrational or not worth someone’s time and energy.

Just don’t bottle up your feelings inside as it can badly mess up with your mental health and also physical health.

We understand social distancing measures and staying indoors have made it hard to meet friends and family, but don’t worry as you can use online platforms to reach out to them.

  • Join Pregnancy Support Groups

Remember, that it’s not only you who is pregnant and worrying day and night. There are millions of women around the world who have another life growing inside them. So many of these women are a part of pregnancy support groups where they collectively discuss their dilemmas.

And we believe, no one would understand you better than someone who has the same experience than you. You will come across newly pregnant women, ladies who have already delivered during this phase, someone who is dealing with chronic anxiety, and so on.

  • Sensible Use of Social Media

Completely cutting off social is somewhat a difficult job, but you can always practice using it sensibly. Much of our stresses and worries come from half-cooked information that we see online. You have to avoid such information in any case.

Do not interact with people and pages who share panic-inducing news and videos. Use it to go through healthy content and interact with people who give positive vibes only.

  • Stay in Touch With Your Doctor

Sometimes stress causes symptoms that require you to take medicines or the symptoms are simply too painful that you feel something is actually wrong with your health. In such cases, you must share your concerns with your doctor to rule out every chance of physical health problem. This will put an end to a lot of worries.

If you haven’t seen any doctor yet, then you can check with clinics and experienced doctors like Dr. Stephen Cole in Melbourne.

We wish you a safe and happy pregnancy!