Technology is improving the work in many fields including the dentistry industry. Recently, a new technology has been discovered which is going to take the work of dentists more efficient. The technology is called laser dentistry. Ever since this technology emerged, dentists are finding it easier to eliminate the discomfort encountered during dental procedures. It has also improved the efficiency of many dental procedures such as filling cavities, whitening, reducing tooth sensitivity and getting rid of tumors. Many dentists have attested that this procedure has helped improved the dentistry field. Laser dentistry has been used since 1994, but it is considered a new emergence with the advancement of technology. It has enormously improved and it is now more efficient than before.

Laser dentistry works by delivering energy in the teeth in the form of light. The light beams are used as cutting instruments to cut the tissues in small amounts. The light is focused, and thus it removes the tissues in only the required places. However, the role of the light differs depending on the particular procedure being done. Below, we have explained some more about how laser technology is beneficial in different dental procedures.

Teeth Whitening

During teeth whitening, laser dentistry is used to speed up the whitening process. The teeth whitening procedure is done using a peroxide bleaching solution. This solution is activated by laser energy. Therefore, the speed will then increase leading to shorter periods with a dentist.


Laser dentistry is also used during a biopsy, which is the removal of pieces of tissue. This is necessary when another examination is about to take place. For example, before a cancer examination in the mouth is done, removal of lesions from the mouth is required. Thus, dentists find it easy to remove the small amounts of tissues using laser than using an actual cutting material which is painful. Laser dentistry is not painful, and therefore it is also used in the treatment of canker sores and cold sore.

Reshaping Gums

This is a cosmetic surgery which has been made easier by laser dentistry. If your gums are too low or too high making you feel uncomfortable when smiling, then you can try gum reshaping. Laser beams will trim the overgrown gum tissues giving you a perfect shape. If your gums rest low, you will also be helped as the procedure is possible. Pure Dentistry has experienced dentists who use light beams for gum restructuring. Clients appreciate the dentists’ work as they can smile with courage every time.

Removal of Bacteria

Before major procedures such as root canal or filling are made, laser dentistry is administered to remove bacteria. The light can kill any type of bacteria. Also, it is used to remove decay within a tooth before filling. This helps to prepare the surrounding enamel for the filling.

Removal of Benign Tumors

Laser dentistry is also used to remove benign tumors which grow in the oral cavity. The same way the light beams cut through tissues during biopsies they will cut the tumor from its root. This is a safe and quick procedure.

Laser dentistry has been infused with new technology skills which are emerging. It has changed the whole dentistry field by making complex procedures easy. Teeth disorders are not a major problem nowadays because of advanced laser dentistry.