Nowadays more and more people are going all out to celebrate their wedding, whether it might be a small-scale event with their close friends and family members or a full-blown event with 500 guests or more. If you were to consider the amount event management companies earn through planning weddings, you will not be able to reach a rough estimate.

Just like it’s not easy to find the perfect wedding venue in Melbourne, similarly, it is not easy to find a unique wedding gift, which the couple will love. Due to the availability of so many options in today`s world, weddings are turning out to be more stressful for the guests rather than the bride and groom. What can you gift a newlywed couple that will be different from others and not so clichéd? There are many factors that influence your choice of buying a wedding gift. The most important element is that whom are you giving the gift to? Is it your best friend, sibling or work colleague? It is not easy to come up with something unique and different until and unless you are really close to the person who is getting married.

Here are some unique wedding gift ideas:

  1. Personalized Gift Item

Everyone struggles to find a wedding gift which the couple will love. Most of the times, the couple have already done their shopping from before and have bought all the essential items to begin their life together such as silverware, kitchen utensils, food processor or a bowl set. In such circumstances, your safe bet would be to invest your money in a personalized gift item such as a photo frame engraved with the couple`s wedding date or customized happily ever after wall sculpture.

  • Polaroid Instant Digital Camera

This is a gift that will find its way through many occasions in the newlywed’s life, especially on their honeymoon. A camera will capture their precious moments and instantly print Polaroids without the use of ink.

  • Honeymoon Notebook

Honeymoon is a really special time for a newlywed couple since they just got free from their wedding festivities, they would be looking forward to their alone time. They can keep all their precious vacation moments in this notebook just like a photo album and cherish it for years to come.

  • Couple Spa Treatment Or Gift Cards

You can give the newlywed a voucher or a gift card to indulge in some activities together such as a spa treatment. Spa treatments for a newlywed couple are not only relaxing but they are pretty romantic as well. Another great option would be to give the couple a gift card of their favourite brand or if you want to give a gift card to hold more value, then you can choose to gift an air ticket which will allow the person to travel wherever they want with their partner under the price range of their gift card. This will be a great wedding gift as newlyweds always look up reasons to spend more time together.