Calendula or Marigold is a very common ingredient in topical products. The Calendula officinalis is a herb with a bright yellow and orange colour. The benefits of calendula extend to various areas of health and beauty.

This is one of the best-known herbs since it is present in the composition of various products intended for skin care and the healing of injuries. Here are some of the most prominent benefits of Calendula.

Benefits of calendula for health

1. It Heals

According to a research, Calendula is used to heal wounds as it stimulates healing and regeneration of injured skin. This is achieved by promoting an increase in collagen production. On the other hand, it enhances the action of its components, carotenes and flavonoids, which strengthen the skin and prevent external aggressions.

It is also used as part of creams, lotions, oils and other moisturizing products. It is especially used to combat dryness and discomfort caused by burns. In fact, it is usually used to eliminate cracks and calluses on the hands and feet.

2. It is anti-inflammatory

One of the most outstanding benefits of calendula is its anti-inflammatory action, not only on the skin, but also for the conditions inside the mouth and throat.

The dilution made from this plant is gargled when there are mouth sores, pharyngitis or gingivitis problems. It is also considered as a good home remedy for tonsillitis and ulcers in the duodenum and stomach due to the mucilage it contains, among other substances.

3. It is antiseptic, antibacterial and fungicidal

This plant is a potent agent against various organisms that put health at risk, especially fungi and bacteria. In fact, marigold becomes one of the oldest home remedies that exist to fight fungi.

Calendula extract is used to cure mycosis of the skin and the athlete’s foot. Naturally, it can be prepared by infusion and then applied with a cotton ball dipped in the liquid on the affected area.

4. Suitable for baby’s skin

Calendula, in low doses, and with the appropriate treatment can be an ingredient suitable for making cosmetic products for babies, as long as it does not include parabens, artificial fragrances, alcohol, talc and other harmful substances. It is usually an ingredient in topical products to relieve diaper rash.

5. It allows regulating the menstrual cycle

Calendula flowers serve to prevent and treat spasms produced in women at menstruation. This is because they are rich in flavonoids, which have the ability to repair blood vessels and improve circulation. It also serves to treat amenorrhea and irregular menses.

In turn, calendula essential oil is very good as a fungicide, so it can be used in certain vaginal infections, such as   candidiasis.

6. Reduce digestive problems

Drinking an infusion of marigold is an excellent remedy for those who suffer from problems of ulcers, gastritis, vomiting, indigestion, and others. This is because of the proteins in it that treat inflammations.

Calendula has choleretic effects, i.e. it stimulates the bile’s exit to the digestive tract. Therefore, it improves digestion processes. For this reason, it is recommended to drink a tea made with a tablespoon of marigold per cup of water after meals.

7. Relieves tired eyesight

The use of the calendula in the form of compresses allows to combat the symptoms of red or tired eyes due to exposure to the computer or television screen at office, the sun or irritants such as smoke. In turn, it allows to combat conjunctivitis and eye inflammations, since it has antibacterial and antiviral properties.

How to benefit from Calendula?

To take advantage of the benefits of calendula, you can mix two tablespoons of fresh petals with four tablespoons of wheat germ oil. Then, the mixture is applied to the skin and allowed to act for several minutes. You can also make an infusion with the leaves of this plant to use in a bath once it is warm. Oil Garden offers calendula oil in Australia that you can simply get and start using without having to make it yourself.