There are a huge number of dresses available in the market for various parties. Among all these attires, a woman should know which outfit best suits the party she is invited to. A cocktail party dress can be stitched by any tailor who you believe will stitch your dress with perfection. But the safest and perfect option is to handover your dress to a designer who has endless designs in mind and a sheer sense of fashion.

Remember, that a cocktail party is a semi-formal occasion and your dress should not be over the top or too simple. If you think that your attire is way too simple, formal or it is way too boring, then there are a plenty of ways to deal with it. You can fix this problem by using appropriate jewelry, shoes and other accessories. Before breaking or going with the rules of a cocktail party attire, let’s see what the dos and don’ts of a cocktail party attire are.

The Dos of Cocktail attire:

Before deciding to do anything else to accessorize it, first look at your outfit. If your outfit is already decorated and has bright sparkling colors, then you cannot go for glittery high heels or other shoes that have heavy studs and pearls on it. Go for nude shade shoes that are shiny yet elegant. The selection of an appropriate size heel is another important aspect that you need to consider. Your heel should not be too long neither should you go for a flat shoe. Buy the heel you think will not make you feel like a giant with an unusual height. A medium size heel would be an excellent choice.

The time in which the party is taking place makes a great contribution to deciding the color of the dress. If you are invited for a late-night cocktail party, then you must go for a dress with dark color – it can be black, blue, purple or any other dark color. If you are wearing a navy long sleeve mini dress, then embellish that dress with gems that will make you look elegant and attractive at the same time. Remember, if your one sleeve is longer than the other, then avoid wearing a bracelet on that hand. For nail polish, wear neutral colors because this era is not about matching.

The Don’ts of Cocktail attire:

Do not wear revealing and skimpy clothes because these types of dresses will only get you unnecessary attention. Do not let others make fun of you and your dress choice. See-through dresses are for celebrities and we see these that celebrities become the target of trolling and criticism due to their unusual attire. Do not wear huge and never-ending gowns because these dresses often end up with embarrassing moments when they get stuck in your feet.

This does not mean that you can show up at a party in ripped jeans. Jeans in no case is a dress for a cocktail party. Lastly, try to avoid high boots at all costs unless you think they are the only thing that go with your dress.