If you have a pool surrounded by trees, then you know the difficulty of removing leaves from the pools. Leaves can make your pool ugly and uncomfortable to swim. It’s even worse when you have no idea on how to handle the menace. It becomes a struggle to make the pool leaf-free. If you have such leaf concerns in your pool then have no more worries. Here are 4 of the best ways you can keep your pool free from leaves.

1. Install leaf nets to your pool

Leaves as mentioned above are quite troublesome to remove. You may have tried using a few conventional methods and discovered how tiresome it is. As such, a leaf net comes in handy. It is an essential tool that helps you keep your pool clean and free from leaves especially when you’ve not used your pool for quite some time. A leaf net cover can be used for both the in-ground pool and the above-ground pool. On most occasions, leaves from the trees around your pool, broken twigs and sometimes seeds always end up in your pool. Seeds especially may plunge deep in your pool and may be difficult to remove by a mere rake. As such, a leaf net essential in getting rid of these leaves and seeds from the surrounding.

2. Use a pool skimmer

If you have trouble with leaves in your pool then thepool skimmer is the perfect tool for you. A swim pool skimmer is an instrument designed to draw water into the system from the surface of the pool using a skimming action. As it draws water into the system it pulls in floating objects like leaves and other dirt before they enter the pool. Its functions are almost similar to a vacuum cleaner in that they suck up all the leaves in the pool whenever you schedule your cleaning. You only need to empty the filter when it’s clogged and empty the bin when it’s full.

3. Use a leaf rake

A leaf rake may also be helpful in removing leaves in your pool. A leaf rake is similar to a pool skimmer only that it uses a deep bag net rather than a flat net used in a skimmer. The deep net allows the rake to hold as many leaves as possible with one scoop. The net also allows water to easily pass through it when it has leaves than the skimmer’s flat net. A leaf rake is an easy to use tool especially when scooping leaves that located deep in the pool.

4. Cover your pool

Covering your pool is the best way to keep leaves out of your pool. The cover acts as a barrier that keeps leaves and other debris like branches, twigs, and insects away from your pool. However, it is important to note that you shouldn’t get debris to accumulate on the cover. They may overwork the cover and succumb to pressure thereby allowing the debris in the pool again. If you need a cover for your pool,pool cover in Melbourne is the perfect place to get one. Ensure to get in touch with them and get your pool covered.

Leaves in your pool can be very stressful. How you handle them determines how well your pool will be. And therefore it is important that you use the above methods to ensure your pool is leaf free. Remember to purchase quality products from reputable sellers. If you are using a leaf rake or a skimmer to get rid of leaves, ensure that you don’t pierce or scratch your pool’s liner if it has one. Just get the leaves off and enjoy swimming.