Engagement parties are a whole lot of fun with two souls coming together to celebrate their togetherness and everyone joining in to celebrate their happiness with them. Now the best way to go to an engagement party is to take a little token of love in the form of a present for the one who has invited you over, but a little glam-up never hurt anyone. Many people spoil other’s engagement party group photos because of the epic disaster that they have made in their dressing or makeup and therefore one must know all the Dos and Don’ts of dressing for an engagement party. Here are some of the most amazing attire ideas that you can incorporate before heading to such a party and a few things that you need to avoid at all costs.

The Dos of Engagement Party

Let us start with some great ideas for you in case you are clueless about what to wear to the next engagement party you will be heading to. The best thing is to keep it cute, elegant, glittery and decent all at the same time without over-doing anything. We suggest some cute long-cut gowns with little embellishments all over to make sure that you don’t over-do it. If you have found one shoulder cocktail dresses that you have been wanting to wear since long, this is the time you take the leap. Have some cute hairpins? You are all set to go with a minimalistic hairstyle and little soft curls at the end. Wearing soft and subtle makeup is the key to look good and make sure that your shoes are comfortable enough to let you dance your heart out easily.

The Don’ts of Engagement Party

Well, there are a few things one must never do on any occasion, but specifically on an engagement party when it comes to dressing up. Do not get ready as if it is your engagement party. Do not wear a very glittery and shimmery gown that can blind others eyes. Do wear dark colour if you want to, but make sure that they are not too flashy or dark that only they can be seen at the party. Respect the fact that it someone else’s special day and they must feel it. Do not wear very short skirts with very deep necklines because that is only going to make everyone uncomfortable. Do not show up in Tees or jackets or simple denim since this is not a grocery store or restaurant that you are casually heading to. Your dressing must exhibit the sense of class and the effort that you have put in pairing up a great over-all look to assure a couple of your love and happiness for them.  We advise you to put an effort the same way you would for a job interview.