All of us who wear prescription glasses due to myopia, astigmatism or other eye conditions have experienced one (or more!) of those moments when we would love to be able to wear another pair of glasses on top our regular ones.

Sometimes the sun’s too bright and we have to choose between wearing sunglasses or prescription eyewear which doesn’t protect us from the glow and the UV light. Sometimes, we’re practicing a sport such as snowboard or swimming, and when we put on our goggles we have to sacrifice sharp eyesight.

As you probably know, there aren’t the best choices, because not only do they lead to feeling uncomfortable, they may also be detrimental to your health. It’s very important to be able to see well, especially when you’re doing sports, and it’s equally crucial to be protected from bright lights and glare.

What is the best choice then? The answer is simple: prescription sport glasses and sunglasses. They have many more benefits than you can imagine, and that is why, in the long run, they’re even the cheaper option, as you save many on new pairs or new lenses and even in eye doctors!

Let’s explore the first advantage of using prescription sports glasses: protection.As they combine the correction you need and the protection you need for the sun and other things that come with sports (we’ll cover those later on), you can rest assured that you will prevent tiredness, a poorer eyesight or injuries.

Every pair of prescription sport sunglasses and glasses is made specifically for you and for the sport you practice. This means that the construction ensures that you can practice your favourite sport with 100% comfort and freedom.

They are made from durable materials and, again, as they are made to be used when practicing a sport, they can resist weather conditions, blows or hits, fast movements, etc. Frames and lenses will stay in place and the frame will feel light and comfortable.

In addition, lenses can be tinted according to your requirements. Some sport glasses, such as Oakley Glasses Eye Sports, already come in different shades. This is not only a fashion statement! The colour of the lens is related to how much light can pass through, and so, depending on the sport you’re practicing and the environment or weather you’re in, you will benefit from different ones.

In sports such as snowboard, you may have tried using your prescription glasses under your goggles. Or when swimming, you may have worn contact lenses which ended up making your eyes tired (they work wonder for some people, but not for everyone!). With prescription sports goggles, glasses or sunglasses you can make sure that with only one thing you’ll be completely comfortable and safe.