There’s absolutely no doubt in the fact that marriage is one of the most beautiful commitments and it’s no less than a milestone that two people achieve together.

From the moment he bends down on his knees to propose, to the moment you both say “I do”, it’s just one magical journey. The bachelorette party aka the hens night, deciding the venue, picking a bridal dress – all of these moments are what people experience once in their lifetime and it’s truly magical.

However, that’s not it! As much as it’s wonderful to get married, it’s important to understand that marriage is a responsibility that two people have to fulfil in order to lead a happy life. Two people need to share the love, respect and responsibilities they have to lead a happy and healthy married life.

If you are about to get married soon to the love of your life, then you need to know what happens right after you say “I Do” because this is something very important to keep the bond of your marriage strong.

Love Isn’t Enough

Believe it or not, before even saying “I Do”, you need to realise that marriage is a practical step that you are about to take and love won’t be enough. You can’t just stay happy all the time with sex and cuddling and telling each other “I love you”. That’s not how a marriage works. In fact, you need to make sure that you are mature enough to understand the other person with whom you are married to. You will have to make sacrifices, you will have to compromise, you will have to learn how to agree to disagree. In a nutshell, maturity is what will help you after you say, “I do”.

You Won’t Always Be On Cloud 9

Yes, you will be relieved to see your partner everyday when you come home stressed from work, but once you get into an official relationship, you will have to accept the fact that you won’t always be on cloud 9. There are going to be ups and down in your way and you will have to handle them in the best possible way to make it work! Your partner will have mood swings, you both just can’t be happy all the time and at the same time that’s where you need to bring out the “understanding” side of your personality and make sure to help your partner in the difficult situation he/she is in.

Marriage isn’t scary so if you are freaking out at the moment, then don’t. In fact, just be mature, become a little practice and committed to keeping your marriage successful. Decide on a beautiful venue, have the best party possible and just say the two magical words that will tie you together for a lifetime.